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On my desk is a picture of an old Bull Dog with the caption: “When I am old and gray, my step may be slower. I may not hear as well. I may not see as well. BUT… My love will be the same. My devotion will be the same. My appreciation will be the same. My heart and soul are grateful for all that you have done…. When I am old and gray.”

No statement could be more true. One day, the puppy you picked to bring a smile to your face, a chuckle when you’ve had a long day, who has chewed on your best pair of slippers, had an “accident” on your hardwood floors, has taken long walks with you, fetched a stick, swam in the lake, licked your face, watched your favorite TV show with you, will be old and gray.

This dog for me is Max, an American Leopard Hound. He has been my partner and soul mate for 11 years. He has treed many a bear, caught many a hog, helped me raise 3 kids, and been with me thru Hell and half of Georgia. He is old and gray. Now what? What do you do when your best friend has lost the “spring in his step”? You love them! You show them every day how much you appreciate them. You take care of their every need. When it’s cold outside, you bring them in the house. Whatever their favorite treat is, you make sure they get one. When they get sick, you take them to the vet. You spend time with them every day and let them know you appreciate them for all they have done for you. You let them know they are your best friend, now and forever. And when it’s time to say goodbye, be compassionate and comforting. It will make your time with them, from the beginning to the end, a forever memory.
Are there dogs in Heaven? If so, there will be a special place for Max. He will be treeing bear and catching hogs just past the Pearly Gates. You are my best friend, Max…. I love you!

by Rick jenkins

▲ Max, my old warrior at 11 years old, still treeing bear.

▲ Max, when he and I were a lot younger.

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