These Dogs Love Laid-Back Living

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Choosing a pet isn’t about choosing the breed that is the “in” pet of the moment. Instead, the right pet should be a companion who will be comfortable in your household and amenable to your lifestyle. While there are plenty of people who envision romps in the park with their pooches or an active game of fetch, some people would prefer a dog that is happier lounging on the sofa.

While some dogs may be boisterous animals full of unending stores of energy, there are plenty of placid breeds that fit better in a laid-back environment. Dogs with low energy still exercise, but this exercise may mean a short walk or some time spent playing indoors.

Here are some breeds that require less daily energy expenditure and may be happy spending most of their time lounging around.

➊ Basset hound Placid and slow-moving, basset hounds are direct descendants of bloodhounds. They were raised to hunt various game, but they can be good with children and other animals. Their stubbornness can make them difficult to train. However, they are food-motivated, and this could be their inspiration to learn.

➋ Bulldog The English bulldog is a medium-sized, compact dog with a pushed-in face full of skin folds. It is one of the most gentle dogs and is generally well behaved with children and other household pets. Because of their short muzzles, they may have breathing problems and intolerance to extreme temperatures.

➌ Bullmastiff Said to be a cross between the mastiff and the bulldog, a bullmastiff is an excellent choice for a guard dog. Bullmastiffs crave human attention and like to be indoors.

➍ Great Dane This breed is known for its giant size and gentle personality. Danes take to training well and are fairly low-maintenance. They need less exercise than their size might indicate. One thing to note is that their large size contributes to their shorter life expectancy.

➎ Great Pyrenees A large, white dog that has a reputation of being calm and patient. A pyrenees may be low energy, but it needs daily grooming attention to keep fur from matting.

➏ Italian Greyhound
Although they are known as racing dogs, greyhounds do not need constant exercise to remain happy. Daily, moderate walks will be effective, and these dogs prefer a quiet household.

➐ Irish Wolfhound Known for their height, Irish wolfhounds are tall as well as rugged and heroic. Though powerful, Irish wolfhounds have a docile temperament and are family-friendly.

➑ Pug This little, stocky dog rarely seem to be in a bad mood. They love to follow their owners around and crave attention. Because of their short snouts, pugs also may have breathing issues and tend to snore. Owners must make efforts to keep them cool in the summer.

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